The ReMI material topics are the first step towards defining responsible pork meat, a critical enabler in advancing practices in pork production. Yet it is necessary to rely on businesses to implement changes in production practices to realize food system transformation.  

We recommend that businesses build the definition of responsible meat into business reporting, transparency and systems of continuous improvement: 

• Develop a business-specific materiality assessment that encompasses the issues described in the material topics.

• Set a performance baseline and develop a workplan for improvement.

• Implement actions (e.g., incorporate into purchasing guidance, develop marketing and consumer-facing guidance for “responsible meat”, have top management make a business commitment (including specific targets), work with suppliers and customers to understand and manage the whole value chain performance).

• Report progress and monitor annually (e.g., invest in data management and support improvements over time).

• Circle back to review materiality.

  The next steps for ReMI

The list of material topics ReMI has defined will be a useful tool in achieving responsible pork production and consumption. But practices will not change overnight. 

To achieve real change, it will be vital to understand who will use these material topics and how they will use them – and to work with all stakeholders to understand the psychological, social and economic barriers to progress. ReMI commits to establishing value chain dialogues to better understand such barriers and to promote multistakeholder cooperation in surmounting them. 

Throughout 2021 we will engage and establish dialogues on this first version of the pork sustainability criteria. We invite you to join us, add your perspective on what constitutes responsible meat, and work to progress action on the topics described within this website. We encourage you to think about how you may apply this definition of responsible pork in your business.

Contact with comments or questions or to find out how to get involved in this work.