The Responsible Meat Initiative (ReMI) works towards a vision of meat being responsibly produced, accessible and consumed as part of a sustainable and just food system. 

Achieving this ambition will require three levers of change: defining the material aspects of responsible meat production and consumption, realizing the true value of responsible meat (at the consumer, food service and retail levels) and helping this demand signal reach the producers who are most central to transforming practices. 


ReMI’s mission is to:

1. Define responsible production criteria for use along meat value chains;

2. Help consumers recognize the value of sustainable and just meat products;

3. Build value chain cooperation and communication so that the higher value of sustainable and just meat flows from consumer to producer.

Convened by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), ReMI members have come together to lead action to overcome challenges and realize the ambition of producing and consuming meat responsibly. This business-led, whole value chain initiative is compiling a holistic definition of responsible pork. Our aim is for the industry to come together and widely adopt this definition.  

Contact  Emeline Fellus to join our core working group or if you have questions or comments about implementing this definition in your business.